The Chromatic Music Production Institute was founded in the beginning of 2010. After 20 years teaching individuals music and production, both in private and major universities, several facts became clear. Creative individuals have a tendency to learn in a different manner than the mass public and generally have a much larger array of dreams and objectives. Therefore the CMPI syllabus was specifically designed to be customized and vary itself depending on each individual learning style and experience level. It evolved from several fundamental challenges that needed to be addressed in the world of Recording Arts and Music Production. The CMPI was created to become a versatile solution for individuals that are seeking education, but without traditional rules and regulations, followed by the enormous financial stress they will face after enrolling in a major university.
Because traditional schools and universities are bound by laws and regulations set by each state, nearly every audio program you will find is focused on teaching the same information to a mass audience. By expecting you to learn the information in the same way as the next person, it greatly slows down the learning process and in many cases derails a potentially brilliant individual from achieving their objectives and burning desire to learn by flooding them with a massive amount of information that may or may not apply to them. If you wanted to learn the guitar, would it make sense to master the piano first?
In many cases, the amount and type of information becomes too overwhelming for the student to digest and causes them to quickly give up or fail. This doesn’t prove that the student cannot succeed; it only proves that the information was delivered incorrectly or at the wrong stage of their learning process. In many ways it is similar to telling a young child a joke about politics or taxes. It is not the content that creates the problem, rather the time it was presented. It’s much more likely that they will understand the same joke once they are directly affected by it, and even more so when they are personally interested in the information.
Because the CMPI is not bound by any rules or state regulations, we can streamline the information you need to achieve your goals, and most importantly, control the pace you learn at. This of course allows both the instructor and student to focus on more core fundamentals and advanced techniques currently used in music production and recording arts that apply to them rather than waste time with techniques or methods that rarely used anymore just to earn enough credits to graduate. Our objective is to EXPOSE, not FORCE information so if an individual is not interested in learning it, we don’t waste time teaching it.
Who is the CMPI program best suited for?

The program is directed towards any individual that has or wishes to own an independent project studio and produce music in the digital world. Regardless of past or current experience or career choice, we are here to help you with your current and future goals.
10 years ago, the project studio was usually a home-based and somewhat generic setup, geared towards the weekend musician or hobbyist and required only the basics such as a multi-track recorder and a microphone. However over the last few years, more and more very complex and impressive project studios are beginning to emerge and produce most of today’s audio for just about every media format imaginable worldwide.
This is due to huge leaps in plug-in based virtual technology and computer breakthroughs. Professional project studios can now be home based and allow an individual to produce and record incredible sounding music at a fraction of the cost of recording at a major studio. The CMPI was created to teach individuals how to build and maintain a working project studio from the ground up while allowing them to not only create great sounding music, but also make money doing it.
Our mission is to expose each individual to as many different styles and career opportunities as possible, while also encouraging each individual to choose his or her own path that would yield their most potential. Our goal is not to simply pass or fail students. We make sure you understand the information so you can succeed at whatever you set your focus on.
Our foundation is simple: The Chromatic Music Production Institute doesn’t give out A’s on report cards. We teach people how to professionally produce music. You choose your path. We’ll show you how you can get there.