Instrument Setups
Here are just a few ways we can improve your tone:
  • Clean and Detail work
  • Strings
  • Adjust neck and bridge
  • Fretwork and polish
  • Pickup installations and height adjustment
  • Complete intonation setup

The rules of great tone require many things. Expression and clarity are things one would look for in any instrument. Just about any great player will tell you that the real tone comes from the player, not the instrument. However, without a perfectly set up and intonated instrument, you’re just playing at half your potential.

Recordings are immortal. And they can come back to haunt you over and over again. We’ve all listened to past recordings and wished we could redo the solo, add something, take something away, but nothing is more embarrassing to a player than to hear back themselves out of tune. Regardless of performance, the sound is just too offensive to listen to. And although most of us weren’t born with perfect pitch, when something is out of tune, everyone knows something is off

Setting up your instrument does more than just intonate and make it more playable, it echoes a signal to the world, “Come and play with me”. No one enjoys playing an instrument that has high action, dead strings, and smells like wookie

You would be very surprised to how much better you will play after your instrument has been setup by a professional. We take into account the instruments body tone, as well as your own playing style, and set the instrument up so it becomes an extension of your imagination